Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A Bundle of Phyz: MOMENTUM

The bundle opens with the springboard (guided classroom discussion with presentation) that introduces momentum.

Next we have the "Take a Flying Leap" springboard, an exploration of impulse that ends with me jumping off the historic Victoria Falls Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker then takes us through stories and demonstrations of "Forces & Collisions". Jearl chops through concrete bricks with his bare hands and survives a cinder block being smashed on his chest while sandwiched between two beds of nails.

The "Things That Go Bump" virtual demonstration is next. It shows the difference between elastic and inelastic collisions in terms of impact force. Happy and Sad Balls are used. Live rounds vs. rubber bullets vs. bean bags is discussed. Zoom instant reaction polls are embedded.

A question set for Conceptual Physics Alive's "Momentum" episode is followed by one for The Mechanical Universe's "Conservation of Momentum".

A PhET-fueled conservation of momentum sim lab, "Crash and Stick", closes the bundle.

If you prefer the abridged high school adaptations of The Mechanical Universe, check out Set 3: Conservation.

For an AP Physics 1 level interrogation of the Victoria Falls bungee jump involving principles of kinematics, energy conservation, and simple harmonic motion, check out Victoria Phyz Falls.

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