Thursday, April 7, 2022

A Bundle of Phyz: ROTATION

The bundle opens with a guided classroom discussion on "A New Kind of Motion": rotation. It's fundamentally different from linear motion.

"A Question of Balance" is a PhET-fueled lab activity that sets and applies the conditions for balance using the Balancing Act sim. It's a nice precursor to an in-class, hands-on balanced torques lab.

"Torque" is a guided classroom discussion that builds toward an equation for torque by examining various factors one at a time.

Next up, Paul Hewitt goes for a spin as he tells tales of "Rotation" in this episode of Conceptual Physics Alive!

"Screwdriver" shows the importance of lever arm in the common household tool's ability to do its job.

Jearl Walker once again puts his body in danger for science as he demonstrates torque, rotational inertia, and angular momentum in an amusement park and adjacent playground.

Episodes of The Mechanical Universe provide the Caltech/David Goostein spin on "Angular Momentum," and "Torques and Gyroscopes".

The final assignment is the "Backyard Water Slide" in which a gentleman becomes a projectile launched from a water slide only to overshoot his intended target. It made quite a splash on YouTube back in the day. Why was landing pool in the wrong place? We propose a cromulent hypothesis.

All items are available separately. All are Google Docs files on Google Drive. All include answer keys.

Find some nice free resources at "The Book of Phyz" Rotation page:

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