Sunday, April 17, 2022


The bundle opens with a PhET-fueled exploration of Hooke's law. "Spring to Another World" utilizes the
Masses and Springs simulation.

Then its on to a guided classroom discussion on elastic potential energy which works through a side-by-side compare and contrast with gravitational potential energy. Practice the equation developed in the springboard on a few toy gun number puzzles.

"Springs and Swings" provides a PhET-fueled introduction to simple harmonic motion, while also delving gently into Google Sheets and linearization. This one leverages Masses and Springs: Basics and Pendulum Lab.

The Mechanical Universe's "Harmonic Motion" tells the tale of timekeeping and nature's response to twanging any stable system.

Next a brief exercise on some of the lovely plots than can be produced by tracking objects in simple harmonic motion.

The centerpiece of this bundle has to be "Victoria Phyz Falls," a six-page physics analysis of my bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe. There's kinematics, energy conservation, Hooke's law, and SHM. Six pages of physics delightfulness. Mechanics galore, which is why I asked for Dan Burns' assistance during development.

We end with The Mechanical Universe's take on "Resonance" featuring the legendary Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse from 1940.
All resources are available separately. All are print-friendly Google Docs files on Google Drive. All include answer keys.

For additional (free) resources, see The Book of Phyz page on Harmonic Motion.

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