Saturday, May 18, 2024

Secrets in Your Data

There is content that you're supposed to teach when you are a classroom teacher. Usually the product of academic content standards, textbook adoptions, and other processes that take years to develop.

Sometimes new topics arise that students should probably know something about. Maybe pandemics or emerging and widely-adopted technology. I would classify personal data privacy and security as such a topic. Involved technology (phones and websites) seem universally adopted among students. Data brokerage is a $200-million dollar/year industry. Data theft/identity theft/ransomware are growth industries. 

We can wait until approved curriculum is developed and adopted, of course. Or we can at least provide a baseline awareness of the issues. This 15 May 2024 episode of NOVA provides an opportunity.

Whether you’re on social media or surfing the web, you’re probably sharing more personal data than you realize. That can pose a risk to your privacy – even your safety. But at the same time, big datasets could lead to huge advances in fields like medicine. Host Alok Patel leads a quest to understand what happens to all the data we’re shedding and explores the latest efforts to maximize benefits – without compromising personal privacy.

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