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Astronomy Crossword Puzzles [OpenStax-aligned]

Who needs astronomy crossword puzzles? I have no idea! But if you do, I have some you might like. When I make crossword puzzles, I include appropriate chapter key terms; everyone does. But where most creators stop there, I take things further. I fill those awkward empty spaces (large enough to grow farm crops). I bring in non-key terms from the chapter, terms from previous chapters, science, math, general knowledge, pop culture, and randomness. That's among The Lessons of Phyz Advantages.

The good people at OpenStax have published Astronomy 2e on their site. Chapters 2-30 have key terms. So I am making crossword puzzles for those chapters. This post will grow one puzzle at a time until all puzzles are finished. Some chapters have very few key terms; those chapters are combined into a single puzzle.

My favorite use case is to distribute the next chapter's crossword puzzle on unit test day. That is, give out the Chapter 2 puzzle on Chapter 1 test day, and so on. It's nice for keeping the room quiet while students finish the test at different times from one another. You might naturally worry that students wouldn't have a chance with a puzzle filled with as-yet uncovered vocabulary. And you'd be right, except that I filled my puzzle space gaps with words they already know from previous chapters or general knowledge. Often the acronyms and initialisms are, well, very straightforward. The clue for NIST is National Institute for Science and Technology. I gave students the duration of the next unit to complete the puzzle.

Word Count: 107   Word Crosses (Puzzle Score): 166

Key terms:
Accelerate, Apparent, Astrology, Celestial, Circumpolar, Cosmology, Ecliptic, Epicycle, Equator, Geocentric, Heliocentric, Horizon, Horoscope, Parallax, Planet, Poles, Precession, Retrograde, Year, Zenith, Zodiac

Selected additional terms: Aquarius, Arabic, Aries, Astronomy, Cancer, Capricornus, Constellation, Copernicus, Diameter, Flat, Galileo, Geyser, Hubble, Jupiter, Leo, Libra, Magnet, Mars, Mercury, Meteor, Milky, Mol, Moon, Nasa, NIST, Nobel, Ophiuchus, Optics, Owl, Pauli, Pisces, Planetarium, Polaris, Ptolemy, Renaissance, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Sputnik, Starlink, STP, Sun, Syene, Taurus, Uranus, Virgo, Voyager

All puzzles include an online option for tech-savvy users who can upload files to a server space. Here's a sample of an online version.

Words: 105   Puzzle Score: 162

Key terms:
Angular, Aphelion, Apogee, Asteroid, Astronomical, Density, Eccentricity, Ellipse, Escape, First, Focus, Force, Gravity, Major, Mass, Momentum, Opposite, Orbit, Orbital, Perigee, Perihelion, Period, Perturbation, Rest, Satellite, Second, Semimajor, Third, Velocity

Selected additional terms: Accelerate, Apparent, Ar, Aries, Asteroid, Astrology, Balanced, Bohr, Cassini, Celestial, Comet, Cosmology, Earth, Ecliptic, ESA, Escape, Force, Ga, Ge, Gene, Geocentric, Heliocentric, Horoscope, HTTP, Hubble, Kepler, Micro, MIT, Mu, Nano, Neptune, Newton, Parallax, Pi, Pioneer, Precession, Pu, Retrograde, SAT, Saturn, Sputnik, Theory, Tycho, UAP, Uranus, Venus, xy

Words: 104   Puzzle Score: 166

Key terms: Apparent, Ascension, Day, Declination, Eclipse, Great, International, Lunar, Meridian, Month, Phases, Sidereal, Solar, Stars, Synchronous, Tides

Selected additional terms: Amino, Annular, Antarctic, Arctic, Astronomical, Attract, Au, Cancer, Capricorn, Circumpolar, Cosmology, Crescent, Density, Eccentricity, Ecliptic, Epicycle, Escape, Foucault, Gemini, Gibbous, GOES, Heliocentric, Inert, Jwst, Latitude, Leo, Libra, Longitude, NASA, Neap, Neptune, Night, Orbital, Penumbra, Pig, Pink, Pirate, Pluto, Prime, Quarter, Retrograde, Satellite, Spring, STEM, Stonehenge, Taurus, Ulna, Umbra, Uranus, Vostok, Waning, Waxing

Words: 107   Puzzle Score: 175

Key terms: Absorption, Blackbody, Boltzmann, Continuous, Dispersion, Doppler , Electromagnetic, Emission, Excitation, Flux, Frequency, Gamma, Ground, Infrared, Inverse, Ion, Ionization, Isotope, Level, Microwave, Nucleus, Photon, Radial, Radio, Spectrometer, Spectrum, Ultraviolet, Visible, Wavelength, Wien, Xrays

Selected additional terms: American, Bohr, Boltzmann, China, Ciao, cos, DNA, Eclipse, Equator, Forest, Group, Heliocentric, ISS, Kirchhoff, Leo, Maxwell, Nylon, Orbital, Orca, Orion, Parallax, Period, Pisces, Planck, Refraction, Sagittarius, Satellite, Synchronous, Temperature, Thermal, Tides, Titan, Uranus, Viking, Zodiac

Words: 109   Puzzle Score: 185

Key terms: Adaptive, Aperture, Array, CCD, Chromatic, Detector, Eyepiece, Focus, Interference, Interferometer, Prime, Radar, Reflecting, Refracting, Resolution, Seeing, Telescope

Selected additional terms: Altitude, Ampere, Android, Angular, AQI, Atom, Boltzmann, Chandra, Chara, Chlorine, Compound, Continuous, cos, Cosmology, Density, Dispersion, Eclipse, Electromagnetic, Emission, Eon, ESA, European, FAST, Fermi, FPS, Frequency, Galileo, Gps, Hale, Hubble, Infrared, Ionization, Isotope, ISS, Jansky, Lens, Light, Machupichu, Mirror, Omega, Orca, Planet, Pollution, Radio, Roman, Saturn, Sidereal, Sol, Spectrometer, Spectrum, Stonehenge, Ulna, Wavelength, Webb

Puzzles 2-6, bundled and discounted.

Words: 102   Puzzle Score: 163

Key terms: Asteroid, Comet, Differentiation, Giant, Halflife, Meteor, Meteorite, Nebula , Planetesimals, Radioactivity, Terrestrial

Selected additional terms: Atom, Canis, Circle, Code, Consecutive, Craters, CRISPR, Day, Earth, Echo, Electron, Eris, Escape, Galilean, Ganymede, Heliocentric, Ion, Jovian, Jupiter, Lead, LED, LLM, Meltdown, Mercury, Meridian, Meteorite, Millimeter, Mitosis, Momentum, Nobel, Noether, Odor, Pathfinder, Penumbra, PET, pH, Pluto, Potassium, Red, REM, Roman, Sagan, Samarium, Satellite, Saturn, Stockholm, Strontium, Tau, Thorium, Titan, TNO, Triton, Ultraviolet, Uranus, Vesta, Vietnam, Webb

Words: 104   Puzzle Score: 160

Key terms: Bar, Basalt, Convection, Core, Crust, Extinction, Fault, Gas, Granite, Greenhouse, Igneous, Magnetosphere, Mantle, Metamorphic, Ozone, Photosynthesis, Primitive, Rift, Sedimentary, Seismic, Stratosphere, Subduction, Tectonics, Troposphere, Volcano

Selected additional terms: Arizona, Atom, AU, Blackbody, Cosmology, Dipper, Eclipse, Einstein, Ellipse, Erie, ESA, Explorer, Flux, Galileo, Geocentric, Heliocentric, Laser, Lava, Navajo, Nitrogen, Pacific, Pasteur, Peace, Radioactivity, Rate, Semimajor, Sky, Spectrometer, Sphere, VanAllen, Visible, Wegener, Xrays

Words: 105   Puzzle Score: 163

Chapter 9. Cratered Worlds
Chapter 10. Earthlike Planets: Venus and Mars
Chapter 11. The Giant Planets
Chapter 12. Rings, Moons, and Pluto
Chapter 13. Comets and Asteroids: Debris of the Solar System

These chapters did not introduce many key terms, so they were combined for this crossword puzzle. Additionally, the chapters were "mined" for "non-key terms" that were germane to the chapters but didn't rise to the status of key term.

Key terms: Ammonia, Aphrodite, Apollo, Asteroid, Belt, Canale, Carbon, Cassini, Centaurs, Ceres, Charon, Comet, Coronae, Dart, Dwarf, Europa, Exoplanets, Galilean, Ganymede, Halley, Hexagonal, Highlands, Horizons, Huygens, Hydrogen, IGY, Ingenuity, Io, Jovian, Juno, Jupiter, Kuiper, Lowell, Magellan, Magnetosphere, Mare, Mariner, Marineris, Mead, Methane, Nea, Neo, Nucleus, Olympic, Oort, Organic, Photochemistry, Pioneer, Plate, Pluto, Red, Resonance, Rosetta, Runaway, Russian, Season, Shepard, Sif, Snowball, Synchrotron, Tail, Tectonic, Tharsis, Tidal, Tiger, Titan, Triton, Venera, Voyager

Selected additional terms: Borneo, CME, Echo, Eye, French, German, GOES, Mars, Mojave, Orbit, Polish, Rhino, Ring, Twins, UFO, Uranus, UTC

NOTE: Subsequent chapters have about 10 key terms each, so I'm adding many "review terms" from previous chapters for subsequent crossword puzzles.

Words: 112   Puzzle Score: 186

Key and review terms: Accretion, Apollo, Blackbody, Carbon, Cassini, Comet, Cosmology, Craters, Dwarf, Eclipse, Ellipse, Exoplanet, Focus, Galileo, Halley, Highlands, Hydrogen, Inverse, Iron, Kepler, Kuiper, Latitude, Longitude, Meteor, Meteorite, Methane, Milky, Nickel, Nucleus, Olympus, Oort, Planet, Season, Shower, Stony, Tail, Titan, Umbra, Voyager, Year

Selected additional terms: Acceleration, Asia, Atom, Clean, Cosine, Eccentricity, Electromagnetic, Extract, Fish, Forecast, Frequency, Galactic, Geocentric, Grin, Heisenberg, Helsinki, Inferior, ISS, Magellan, Microscope, MPG, NRG, Operator, Organ, Ozone, Parallax, Phenomena, Phi, Photon, Pi, Roman, Stonehenge, Tangent, Tech, Triton, Uranus, Vet, XV, Yield

Words: 112   Puzzle Score: 177

Key and review terms: Active, Aphelion, Astronomical, Aurora, Carrington, Chromosphere, Corona, Coronagraph, Cycle, Differential, Dynamo, Ecliptic, Ejection, Exoplanet, Flare, Granulation, Heliocentric, Hole, Hydrogen, Infrared, Maunder, Parallax, Payne, Perihelion, Period, Photosphere, Plage, Plasma, Prominence, Red, Retrograde, Snowball, Spicules, Sputnik, Sunspot, Supergranules, Transition, Ultraviolet, Weather, Webb, Wind, Year, Zeeman

Selected additional terms: Astronomical, Atom, Citrus, CO, cos, Crest, DARPA, Data, Eccentricity, Epicycle, Erupt, Iron, Leo, Maximum, Neptune, Ova, PCR, Percent, Pi, Pulse, Radioactive, Refraction, Saturn, Seeing, sin, tan, Trig, UAP, VPN, Zenith

Words: 112   Puzzle Score: 174

Key and chosen review terms: Absorption, Boltzmann, Chandra, Conduction, Contraction, Convection, Earth, Einstein, Electromagnetic, Emission, Energy, Equilibrium, Fermi, Fission, Flare, Flux, Fusion, Gamma, Helioseismology, Hydrogen, Hydrostatic, Microwave, Million, Neutrino, Oscillation, Pauli, Photon, Plasma, Positron, Proton, Pulsates, Radiation, Radio, Red, Spectrum, Strong, Temperature, Watt, Weather, Wien, Wind, Xrays, Year

Selected additional terms: Air, Aurora, Coronagraph, Curie, Deoxyribonucleic, Dwarf, Earth, Emission, Europa, EV, Gravity, Heliocentric, HTTP, Juno, Laws, Lion, Magnetosphere, Mars, mRNA, NASA, Nobel, NSF, Oxygen, Phobos, Physical, Pi, Plage, Planet, Plasma, Positron, Proton, PSI, Rings, Sky, Tesla, Tombaugh, USB, World

Puzzles 7-16, bundled and discounted. (Chapters 9-13 constitute one puzzle.)

Words: 119   Puzzle Score: 189

Key and review terms: Absorption, Apparent, Blackbody, Boltzmann, Brown, Cannon, CHARA, Color, DART, Doppler, Emission, ESA, Excitation, Fraunhofer, Frequency, Giant, Hubble, Inverse, Luminosity, Magnitude, Nebula, OBAFGKM, Photon, Prime, Proper, Radial, Reflecting, Resolution, Roman, Shepard, Space, Spectral, Spectrometer, Spectrum, Telescope, Temperature, Velocity, Venera, Wien, Zeeman

Selected additional terms: ABS, Aperture, Arch, ATP, Aurora, Bohrium, DNA, Ejection, Electromagnetic, Ellipse, Error, Helioseismology, Kinetic, LEO, Lunar, Mu, NASA, Nd, Neuron, Novae, Oscillation, Payne, Saturn, SPF, STEM, tan, Triangle, Umbra, Uranus, UV, Venus, Wind

Words: 119   Puzzle Score: 185

Key and review terms: Absorption, Binary, Blackbody, Brown, Cannon, Doppler, Double, Eclipsing, Effect, Emission, Excitation, Frequency, Giant, HR, Inverse, Kepler, Light, Luminosity, Magnitude, Main, Nebula, OBAFGKM, Photon, Proxima, Radial, Reflecting, Resolution, Spectral, Spectrometer, Spectroscopic, Spectrum, Stefan, Telescope, Temperature, Velocity, Visual, White, Wien

Selected additional terms: Arm, Atom, Aurora, Boil, Cassini, COP, Corona, Cubic, Cyan, DART, Density, Eccentricity, Europa, Focus, GPT, Halley, Helioseismology, Hexagon, Hippo, ISS, Leo, LHC, Lise, LLM, Magnetosphere, Month, Neap, Nucleus, Optic, Orb, Perihelion, Period, pH, Pi, Rate, Saturn, Science, Scorpio, Sol, Sunspot, Symmetry, Tin, Uranus, URL, USB, Wavelength

Words: 111   Puzzle Score: 168

Key and review terms: Apparent, Binary, Brown, Cannon, Cepheid, Class, Color, Curve, Eclipsing, Effect, Gaia, Giant, HR, Ia, Ib, II, III, IV, Ladder, Leavitt, Light, Luminosity, Lyrae, Magnitude, Main, Minute, OBAFGKM, Parallax, Parsec, Period, Proxima, Second, Sequence, Spectral, Spectroscopic, Transited, Triangulation, Variable, Visual, White

Selected additional terms: Accretion, Aristotle, Cu, Deimos, Doppler, Dwarf, Electromagnetic, Foci, Geocentric, Giant, Gps, Halley, HTML, HTTP, Magnetosphere, Methane, Milky, Neutrino, Radio, Skin, Space, SSD, Sting, Tectonic, Trek, Velocity, Wavelength, Weather

Words: 114   Puzzle Score: 169

Key and review terms: Absorption, Baryon, Bubble, Centimeters, Chandra, Color, Cosmic, Density, Doppler, Dust, Emission, Excitation, Extinction, Fluff, Frequency, Fullerenes, Hess, HII, Infrared, Ionization, ISM, Main, Medium, Messier, Milky, Molecular, Nebula, Neutrino, NGC, Orion, Photon, Positron, Reddening, Spectral, Spectrum, Supernova, Xrays

Selected additional terms: amu, AQI, Athena, Belt, Bohr, Chromosphere, Compass, Corona, Deoxyribonucleic, Exoplanet, Flux, Focus, Hz, Io, IR, Magnetosphere, Math, Maxwell, Meteorite, Millipede, MIT, MN, Neptune, Np, Obtuse, Ohm, Period, Peta, Photosphere, Pi, Plural, Red, Sigma, Tera, Tribute, Triton, Tycho, Wavelength, Webb

Words: 104   Puzzle Score: 152

Key and review terms: Binary, Class, Cosmic, Debris, Doppler, Earth, Emission, Evolutionary, Exoplanet, Extinction, Habitable, Herbigharo, Hertzsprung, HH, HII, Jupiters, Kepler, Kuiper, Mercury, Molecular, Neptune, NRAO, OBAFGKM, Period, Pluto, Protostar, Russell, Saturn, Shepard, Spectral, Spectrum, Stellar, Supernova, Tauri, TESS, Transit, Trapezium, Variable

Selected additional terms: AI, Andromeda, Annie, Anti, Axes, cos, Fauna, Fission, Graph, He, Hubble, Ion, ISM, Jovian, Leap, Millikan, NEO, Omelet, Opposite, Pair, PET, Pi, Red, Ring, Satellite, Sigma, Thomson, Ulna, Zenith

Words: 111   Puzzle Score: 181

Key and review terms: Age, Alpha, Association, Aurora, Betelgeuse, Chromosphere, Class, CME, Corona, Cosmic, Doppler, Emission, Extinction, Fission, Flare, Flash, Fusion, Globular, HII, ISM, Nucleosynthesis, OBAFGKM, Omega, Open, Payne, Period, Photosphere, Planetary, Pleiades, Prominence, Spectral, Spectrum, Sunspot, Supernova, Turnoff, Variable

Selected additional terms: Astronomy, Au, Ceres, Coma, Einstein, Emission, Energy, EPA, Force, Ground, Ice, Inert, Ion, ISS, Jupiter, LED, Mach, Main, Maximum, Meteor, Nature, Neptune, Orbits, Orca, Red, Retrograde, Scorpio, SI, Solution, UAP, Venus, Wien

Words: 112   Puzzle Score: 172

Key and review terms: Angular, Association, BeppoSAX, Betelgeuse, Binary, Black, Brown, Chandra, Chandrasekhar, Degenerate, Electron, Flash, Gamma, Globular, Halflife, Kepler, LGM, Magnetar, Millisecond, Neutrino, Neutron, Nova, Nucleosynthesis, Omega, Open, Pauli, Planetary, Pleiades, Pulsar, Radioactivity, ROTSE, Supernova, Swift, TORTORA, Turnoff, Tycho, White, Xray

Selected additional terms: ABS, CD, Class, Color, Day, Electromagnetic, Etna, Faraday, Fusion, Heat, Inch, Ion, Knee, Leonardo, Luminosity, Magnetosphere, Maxwell, MD, Meteor, Method, Mocha, Molecular, Mu, Neap, NSF, Permafrost, Radial, Thrust, UAP, UFO, Uranus, Vaccination, Zeeman

Puzzles 17-23, bundled and discounted.

Words: 117   Puzzle Score: 184

Key and review terms: Accelerate, Accretion, Black, Chandrasekhar, Cygnus, Degenerate, Doppler, Einstein, Equivalence, Escape, Exoplanet, Flash, Giant, GPS, Gravity, Horizon, Hubble, ISS, KAGRA, LIGO, Matter, Mercury, Newton, Nova, NSF, Nucleosynthesis, Perihelion, Protostar, Redshift, Relativity, Schwarzschild, Singularity, Spacetime, Turnoff, Viking, Vulcan, Wave, White, Xrays

Selected additional terms: Blackbody, Blue, Co, DNA, Europa, Galileo, Halflife, Horoscope, Inuit, LLM, Magellan, Magnet, Maunder, Minute, Neon, Neutrino, Orbit, Payne, Pleiades, Pluto, PPM, Prominence, Saturn, Scientific, Starlink, Sun, Telescope, UFO, Watt, Wind, Year

Words: 115   Puzzle Score: 184

Key and review terms: Accretion, Andromeda, Arm, Barred, Black, Brown, Bulge, Centimeters, Chandra, Cygnus, Dark, Differential, Electromagnetic, Equivalence, Escape, Ghez, GPS, Gravity, Halo, Heavy, Hera, Herschel, Horizon, Hubble, Jupiter, Kepler, LIGO, Matter, Mercury, Milky, Neutron, Nuclear, Population, Protogalactic, Redshift, Relativity, Sagittarius, Schwarzschild, Shapley, Singularity, Spacetime, Supermassive, Vulcan, Wave, Xrays

Selected additional terms: Ache, amu, Aphelion, Blue, Brown, Catalyst, CME, Co, Concave, Cosmic, Dust, Echo, EMH, Endeavour, ESA, Ewe, Exhale, Eyes, Globular, Hawking, Horizon, Horoscope, Hue, Kelvin, Kp, Lens, Meteorite, NASA, NRAO, Omega, Os, Probe, Red, Ruby, System, Tan, Theory, Triangle, Two, Year

Words: 110   Puzzle Score: 175

Key and review terms: Andromeda, Arm, Barred, Bulge, Centimeters, Cepheid, Cygnus, Dark, Differential, Doppler, Elliptical, Faster, Halo, Heavy, Herschel, HR, Hubble, Ia, Irregular, Law, Leavitt, Light, Luminosity, Magellanic, Matter, Milky, NRAO, Nuclear, Population, Protogalactic, Redshift, Sagittarius, Slipher, Spiral, Stream, Supermassive

Selected additional terms: Acute, Age, Ammeter, Apollo, Arctic, Ariel, Bio, cm, Comet, Cosmology, Crater, Energy, Equator, Fermat, Fusion, Helioseismology, Impact, Ion, ISS, Jupiter, Lens, LLM, Mercury, Night, Oximeter, Phosphorus, Photosphere, Pi, Pleiades, Positron, Red, Uranus, URL, Venus, Wavelength

Words: 114   Puzzle Score: 175

Key and review terms: Active, AGN, Andromeda, Arm, Barred, Billion, Black, Bulge, Cygnus, Dark, Doppler, Elliptical, Emission, ESA, Faster, Fermi, Fusion, HR, Hubble, Ia, Irregular, Kepler, Law, Light, LIGO, LISA, Luminosity, Magellanic, Matter, Messier, Milky, Nuclei, Powerful, QSO, Quasar, Quiescent, Radio, Redshift, Spiral, Stream, Supermassive, Tiny, Xrays

Selected additional terms: Avocado, Brown, CO, Color, Corona, Day, Dwarf, Escape, Everest, Evolution, First, Flux, Geocentric, Gravity, Greek, Head, Heliocentric, HST, Ionize, Jupiter, Kelvin, Leo, Lyrae, Magnet, Mercury, MMR, Neap, Orion, Planet, Pleiades, Prominence, Roman, Sagittarius, Stonehenge, Sun, Supergiant, Trig, VanAllen, Visual, Webb

Words: 110   Puzzle Score: 175

Key and review terms: Active, AGN, ALMA, Andromeda, Arm, Barred, Bulge, Cannibalism, Cold, Cosmological, Cygnus, Dark, Differential, Disk, Elliptical, Evolution, Faster, Fermi, Fusion, Galaxies, Halo, Heavy, Hera, Herschel, Homogeneous, Hot, Ia, Irregular, Isotropic, JWST, Law, Light, Local, MACHO, Magellanic, Matter, Merger, Nuclear, Nuclei, Population, Powerful, Protogalactic, Quasar, Quiescent, Radio, Redshift, Rich, Sagittarius, Sloan, Spiral, Starburst, Stream, Supercluster, Supermassive, Tiny, Void, Xrays

Selected additional terms: Arch, Asia, Autumn, Chandra, Curie, Email, Emission, Equal, Gods, Iridescent, Meter, Milky, Nobel, Np, OMB, One, Pa, SEO, SETI, Solar, Spacetime, Stem, Sun, Supernova, Thaw, Titan, Uranus, WHO

Words: 110   Puzzle Score: 164

Key and review terms: Anthropic, Background, Bigbang, Boomerang, Chandrasekhar, Closed, CMB, COBE, Cosmological, Cosmology, Critical, Dark, Decoupling, Deuterium, Einstein, ELT, Energy, Fission, Flat, Fusion, Gamow, Globular, Helium, Hubble, Inflationary, JWST, Law, Lemaitre, LHC, Lithium, Matter, Maxwell, Multiverse, Open, Penzias, Redshift, Unified, Weakly, WMAP

Selected additional terms: AGN, AI, API, Ceres, CL, CMBR, CME, Cone, Dwarf, Effect, Escape, Flux, Geocentric, Halflife, Interferometer, mg, Microwave, Neutrino, Particle, Pisa, Relativity, Sputnik, Uranus, UV, Void, Whole, xx

Words: 115   Puzzle Score: 175

Key and review terms: Acidophile, Amino, Astrobiology, Biomarker, Cassini, CHNOPS, Copernican, Deoxyribonucleic, DNA, Drake, Europa, Extremophile, Fermi, Galileo, Gene, Habitable, Horizons, Huygens, IFO, Jupiters, Molecule, NFO, Organic, Photosynthesis, Phytoplankton, Pioneer, Protein, Radio, Ribonucleic, RNA, SETI, Stromatolites, Techno, Thermophile, Titan, UFO, Ultraviolet, Urey, Viking, Voyager, Water, WISE, Zone

Selected additional terms: AR, Basic, BP, CO, COBE, cos, CT, Dark, Dwarf, Elliptical, Eon, Euphrates, Exploded, Fermi, Flu, Heart, HTTP, Huygens, Infrared, Juno, Kilo, Law, Lyrae, Mercury, Multiverse, PhD, Psi, Redshift, Rotate, Scale, Space, Starburst, Streisand, Tacoma, tan, Tropic, Umbra, Venus, WiFi, Zoom

All 25 Astronomy crosswords

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