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Chemistry Crossword Puzzles [OpenStax-aligned]

I finished sets of crossword puzzles for Physics and AP Physics (1 & 2). But creating crossword puzzles is so much much fun, I wandered the Internet over to OpenStax and found their Chemistry textbook. The first chapter had an end-of-chapter vocabulary list. So away I went. This post will be updated as new chemistry crosswords are added to the collection.

The Lessons of Phyz crossword advantage? At least 100 words that cross at least 150 times. Not those mostly empty grids with a handful of words and two dozen crosses. I'm no Will Shortz, but I am putting in some effort. And while the majority of the terms are chemistry, science, and math-related, the occasional Taylor Swift, Disney, or other pop culture references work to engage students that might be otherwise less engaged in the course. My own students used to gobble up crossword puzzles even without any promise of reward. Conquering the grid was all the incentive they needed.

Word Count: 103 · Puzzle Score (word crosses): 158

Core terms:Accuracy, Atom, Celsius, Centimeter, Change, Chemical, Chemistry, Compound, Conservation, Conversion, Cubic, Density, Element, Exact, Extensive, Fahrenheit, Gas, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Hypothesis, Intensive, Kelvin, Kilogram, Law, Length, Liquid, Liter, Macroscopic, Mass, Matter, Meter, Microscopic, Milliliter, Mixture, Molecule, Physical, Plasma, Precision, Property, Pure, Rounding, Second, SI, Significant, Solid, Temperature, Theory, Uncertainty, Unit, Volume, Weight

Selected additional terms: Acute, Amber, Andromeda, cc, Cone, cos, Divide, Echo, Etna, GMO, Gram, HIV, Hue, Inch, Neptune, Odor, Parallel, Perpendicular, sin, Sodium, Spine, TNT, Venus

Words: 103 · Puzzle Score: 159

Core terms: Acid, Actinide, amu, Anion, Bond, Cation, Chalcogen, Compound, Covalent, Dalton, Definite, Electron, Element, Empirical, Formula, Fundamental,Group, Halogen, Hydrate, Ion, Ionic, Isomer, Isomers, Isotopes, Lanthanide, Mass, Metal, Metalloid, Molecular, Monatomic, Multiple  Neutron, Noble, Nomenclature, Nonmetal, Nucleus, Number, Oxyacid, Oxyanion, Period, Periodic, Pnictogen, Polyatomic, Proton Representative, Series, Spatial, Symbol, Transition

Selected additional terms: Accuracy, Biome, Deserts, Drive, Ear, Earth, Echo, Hexagon, Hypothesis, Icon, Inertia, Laser, Law, Link, Magma, Mars, Meter, Midnight, Nano, Nepal, Nobel, Ovary, Oven, Penicillin, Pluto, Precision, Rate, RNA, Run, Snow, Sol, Sound, Spin, Square, tan, Triangle, Uranus

Words: 113 · Puzzle Score: 168

Core terms: Concentrated, Concentration, Dilute, Dilution, Dissolved, Molarity, Mole, Solute, Solvent, Aqueous, Avogadro, Empirical, Formula, Percentage, Percent, Molar, Billion, Million, Composition, Volume, PPB, PPM

The core terms were a bit scant for this chapter, so a robust selection of additional terms was deployed.

Selected additional terms: Absolute, Accuracy, Acid, amu, Anion, Atom, Cation, Chemistry, Color, Compound, Copper, Divide, Drone, Earth, Electron, Element, EMF, Equal, Gas, Group, Human, Inert, Ion, Isomers, Jupiter, Liquid, Liter, March, Mars, Mass, Math, Matter, Metal, Meter, Mixture, Negative, Neptune, Neutron, Newton, Noble, Number, Ocean, Oregon, Owl, Period, PLC, Precision, Product, Proton, Pt, Ratio, Rh, Rows, RPO, sec, Second, Spider, Stealth, Sum, tan, Units, Wind

Words: 100 · Puzzle Score: 155

Core terms: Acid, Actual, Analysis, Analyte, Balanced, Base, Buret, Coefficient, Combustion, Dilute, End, Equation, Equivalence, Excess, Gravimetric, Half, Indicator, Insoluble, Limiting, Neutralization, Number, Oxidant, Oxidation, Precipitate, Precipitation, Product,, Quantitative, Reactant, Reductant, Reduction, Salt, Solubility, Soluble, Solute, Solvent, Spectator, Stoichiometric, Stoichiometry, Strong, Symbol, Temperature, Titrant, Titration, Weak

Selected additional terms: Add, Axis, Bus, CPU, Erupts, Hive, Iridium, Liquid, Mars, Mole, Molecular, Nonmetal, Nucleus, Ochre, OH, Period, Pico, Pure, Quantum, SI, Slope, Stars, Sun, Symbol, Temperature, Tibia, Vacuum, Venus

Words: 105 · Puzzle Score: 174

Core terms: Bomb, Calorie, Calorimeter, Calorimetry, Chemical, Endothermic, Energy, Enthalpy, Change, Exothermic, Expansion, First, Heat, Capacity, Hess, Hydrocarbon, Internal, Joule, Kinetic, Nutritional, Potential, Specific, Combustion, Formation, Standard, Function, Surroundings, System, Temperature, Thermal, Thermochemistry, Work

Selected additional terms: Acid, Airborne, Aqueous, Argon, Asia, Atom, Avogadro, Base, Cell, Combustion, Cuba, Echo, Element, Euro, Group, Insects, Isomers, Isotopes, Kwh, Limit, Lorax, Mars, Meh, Molarity, Molecule, Oil, Optic, Oxidation, Period, Precipitate, Quotient, Reduction, Solid, Solute, Solvent, Stoichiometry, Ulna, Unit, Uranus

Words: 105 · Puzzle Score: 172

Core words: Affinity, Amplitude, Atomic, Aufbau, Blackbody, Bohr, Continuous, Core, Covalent, Degenerate, Configuration, Density, Excited, Exclusion, Frequency, Ground, Heisenberg, Hertz, Hund, Intensity, Interference, Ionization, Isoelectronic, Line, Magnetic, Node, Nuclear, Radiation, Orbital, Photon, Principal, Quantization, Mechanics, Quantum, Secondary, Shell, spdf, Spectrum, Spin, Standing, Subshell, Valence, Wave, Duality, Function, Wavelength

Selected additions terms: Alloy, amu, Astro, Bang, Base, Blizzard, Borneo, Boron, Boyle, Carnivorous, Chem, Electron, Element, Estuary, Excel, Eye, Gopher, Half, Hive, IOT, Jupiter, Kidney, Oblate, Obtuse, Quark, Radio, Sour, Stem, UV, Vascular, Venus

Words: 109 · Puzzle Score: 169

Core terms: Axial, Angle, Bond, Distance, Energy, Length, Haber, Covalent, Dipole, Double, Electron, Electronegativity, Equatorial, Formal, Radical, Hypervalent, Inert, Ionic, Lattice, Structure, Symbol, Linear, Lone, Molecular, Octahedral, Octet, Polar, Molecule, Pure, Resonance, Forms, Hybrid, Single, Tetrahedral, Planar, Triple, Vsepr, Vector

Selected additional terms: Acid, Airborne, Amplitude, Antenna, Asteroid, Au, Blackbody, Calorimetry, Cell, Clone, Dalton, Element, Embargo, Enthalpy, Extinct, FDA, Function, Guano, Heat, Hertz, Hybrid, Ice, Internal, Jurassic, LAN, mL, Namibia, Neptune, Odor, Photon, Pulse, Shell, spdf, Subshell, Symbol, Thermal, Time, Valence, Wavelength

Words: 7 x 100+ · Puzzle Score: 7 x 150+
Includes Chemistry Crossword Puzzles 1–7.

Words: 113 · Puzzle Score: 177

Core terms: Antibonding, Bond, Bonding, Degenerate, Diamagnetism, Homonuclear, Hybrid, Hybridization, Linear, Molecular, Diagram, Orbital, Node, Overlap, Paramagnetism, Pi, Mixing, Sigma, Valence 

The core terms were a bit scant for this chapter, so a robust selection of additional terms from previous chapters was deployed.

Selected Additional Terms: Amplitude, Angle, Biome, Blackbody, Calorie, Cell, CO, Dilute, Electronegativity, Element, Energy, Exothermic, Gene, Heat, Hertz, Human, Iris, ISS, Kinetic, Land, Lattice, Lone, Magnetic, Mammoth, Mars, Mole, Nano, Nonmetal, Nucleus, Orbit,  Period, Photon, Pluto, Potential, Pure, Quotient, Radical, Richter, Saturn, Shell, Shock, Slope, Solute, Solvent, State, Stoichiometry, Subshell, Symbol, THz, Tornado, Vector, VSEPR, Wavelength, Yeti

Words: 109 · Puzzle Score: 168

Core terms: Absolute, Gaylussac, Atmosphere, Avogadro, Bar, Barometer, Boyle, Charles, Compressibility, Dalton, Diffusion, Effusion, Graham, Hydrostatic, Ideal, Constant, Gas, Kinetic, Manometer, Free, Mole, Partial, Pascal, PSI, Pressure, Rate, Square, STP, Standard, Torr, Vanderwaals, Vapor

Selected additional terms: Acid, Base, Battery, Biome, Cell, Cold, Core, Covid, Egg, Element, EPA, Error, Excited, Frog, Group, Hypothesis, Insoluble, Ionization, Ions, Isomers, Isotopes, Jupiter,  Moons, NAS, Nasa, Ne, Neptune, NIH, Noble, Organs, Oxygen, Period, PET, pH, Photon, Pnictogens, Precipitate, Quotient, Resists, Run, Shell, Soluble, Spectrum, STEM, Stoichiometry, Subshell, Sun, Systolic, Valence, Venus, Volume, Webb

Words: 113 · Puzzle Score: 186

Core terms: Adhesive, Amorphous, BCC, Boiling, Bragg, Capillary, CCP, Cell, Cohesive, Condensation, Coordination, Covalent, Critical, Crystalline, Crystallography, Deposition, Diagram, Diffraction, Dipole, Dispersion, Dynamic, Equation, FCC, Freezing, HCP, Hole, Hydrogen, Induced, Instantaneous, Intermolecular, Ionic, Isomorphous, Lattice, Melting, Molecular, Normal, Octahedral, Point, Solid, Sublimation, Supercritical, Surface, Tetrahedral, Triple, Vacancy, Vapor, Vaporization, Viscosity

No shortage of core terms in this chapter! Fewer additional terms required.

Selected additional terms: Agua, Arc, atm, Atom, Buret, Coati, Cobra, Crest, Dilute, Earth, Element,    ENIAC, ESPN, Ice, Jupiter, kilo, LIDAR, Lunar, Mercury, Net, Nova, OH, Radian, REM, Ruby, Seismic, Spaceport, Venus, Virus, Wind, Xray

Words: 106 · Puzzle Score: 172

Core terms: Alloy, Amphiphilic, Boiling, Colligative, Colloid, Crenation, Cryoscopic, Dipole , Dispersed, Dispersion, Dissociation, Ebullioscopic, Electrolyte, Emulsifying, Emulsion, Freezing, Gel, Hemolysis, Henry, Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Ideal, Immiscible, Ion, Isotonic, Miscible, Miscible, Molality, Nonelectrolyte, Osmosis, Osmotic, Raoult, Saturated, Semipermeable, Solubility, Solvation, Spontaneous, Strong, Supersaturated, Suspension, Tyndall, Unsaturated, Vanthoff, Weak

Additional terms: Acid, Astra, Atom, Base, Beaker, Capillaries, Cinema, Crest, Digital, Distilled, Element, Erie, EVA, Femur, Igneous, Ionic, Light, Mars, MRI, NGO, OH, PSI, Reactant, Saturn, School, Second, tan, Tesla, Tycho, Vegan

Words: 116 · Puzzle Score: 186

Core terms: Activation, Arrhenius, Average, Bimolecular, Catalyst, Collision, Complex, Constant, Determining, Diagram, Elementary, Expression, Frequency, Halflife, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Initial, Instantaneous, Integrated, Intermediate, Law, Mechanism, Method, Molecularity, Order, Overall, Rate, Termolecular, Unimolecular

Selected additional terms: Alloy, BCC, BP, Chip, cm, Cone, cos, Dipole, Ear, Electrolyte, Enigma, Free, Freezing, Gas, Gel, Gold, Heel, Ideal, Ion, IV, Jupiter, Kilo, Kinetic, Lattice, Liquid, Lung, MD, Melting, Meta, mg, MIDI, Milli, Mole, NFT, Northern, Pascal, Pi, Plasma, Polonium, Psi, Rhesus, Roman, Run, Saturn, Solid, Solubility, SPDF, Stabile, STP, Strong, Sublimation, Titan, TNT, Vaporization, Viscosity, VOC, Volta, Weak

Words: 110 · Puzzle Score: 173

[OpenStax Chemistry 2e spreads its coverage of equilibrium across three chapters: 13, 14, and 15.]

Core terms: Acid, Acidic, Action, Adduct, Amphiprotic, Amphoteric, Autoionization, Base, Basic, Br√łnsted, Buffer, Capacity, Chemistry, Common, Complex, Conjugate , Constant, Coordinate, Coupled, Curve, Diprotic , Dissociation, Equilibrium, Formation, Henderson, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Indicator, Interval, Ionization, Le Ch√Ętelier, Leveling, Ligand, Lowry, Molar, Monoprotic, Neutral, Oxyacid, Percent, pH, pOH, Product, Quotient, Reversible, Selective, Solubility, Stepwise, Triprotic.

Selected additional terms: AC, Act, Add, CGI, Code, Cougar, DC, Earth, Errors, Hypothesis, Ice, Indigo, kPa, Lark, Leech, LXV, Mercury, Molecule, Nordic, Oceans, Sequester, SI, Spin, Stargazers, STEM, STI, Taurus, Tc, Titan, Tsunami, Uuu, Venus

Words: 6 x 100+ · Puzzle Score: 6 x 150+
Includes Chemistry Crossword Puzzles 8–15.

Words: 120 · Puzzle Score: 183

Core terms: Change, Entropy, Formation, Free, Gibbs, Microstate, Nonspontaneous, Reversible, Second, Spontaneous, Standard, Third

This chapter was light on core terms, so recent chapters were called upon to volunteer additional terms as tribute.

Selected additional terms: Acidic, Activation, Alloy, Amphiphilic, Amphoteric, Basic, Bohr, Catalyst, Colloid, Conjugate, Constant, CPR, Crenation, Curve, Diagram, DNA, Electrolyte, Element, Emulsion, Filter, Gel, Giga, GPS, GPT, Gram, Halflife, Hertz, Hypotonic, Hz, Ideal, Inch, Indicator, Initial, Io, Ion, Isotonic, Isotope, Joule, Jupiter, Ligand, Llm, Magma, Mercury, Miscible, Molar, Mole, Neutral, OpenAI, Osmosis, Overall, pH, Pi, Playa, pOH, Probe, Product, Quotient, Rate, Rays, Rho, RN, Sedimentary, Sg, Sodium, Solubility, Stepwise, Suspension, Tan, Terabyte, Tone, Valence, Venus, Virgo, Waves

Words: 111 · Puzzle Score: 181

Core terms: Active, Alkaline, Anode, Battery, Bridge, Cadmium, Cathode, Cell, Concentration, Corrosion, Dry, Electrode, Electrolysis, Electrolytic, Faraday, Fuel, Galvanic , Galvanization, Half, Hydrogen, Inert, Lead, Lithium, Nernst, Notation, Potential, Primary, Protection, Sacrificial, Secondary

Selected additional terms: Acidic, Adduct, Alloy, Ape, Basic, Bismuth, Change, Curve, EMF, Emissions, Entropy, Fe, Formation, Free, Gibbs, Indicator, Ligand, Mantle, Metamorphic, Microstate, Molar, Nano, Nebula, Neptune, Neutral, Obtuse, Odor, pH, Pluto, pOH, Proton, Reversible, Second, Skeptic, Solubility, Spontaneous, Standard, Stepwise, Sum, Sun, Tan, Third, Uranus, XOR, Xylem

Words: 114 · Puzzle Score: 179

Core terms: Alkaline, Allotropes, Amorphous, Anhydride, Base, Bicarbonate, Bismuth, Borate, Carbonate, Carbonate, Chemical, Chloralkali, Disproportionation, Downs, Element, Frasch, Haber, Halide, Heroult, Hydrogen, Hydrogenation, Hydroxide, Interhalogen, Metal, Metalloid, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Ostwald, Oxide, Ozone, Passivation, Peroxide, Photosynthesis, Pidgeon, Polymorph, Silicate, Sulfite, Superoxide

Selected additional terms: Air, Anode, Arachnid, Astra, Battery, Calorie, Caribou, Cathode, Chloro, Compound, Corrosion, DC, Digit, ENIAC, Entropy, Faraday, Gibbs, Golgi, GPT, Ice, Ion, Laika, Li, Mars, MKS, Na, Nano, NASA, Noble, Np, OH, PDF, Petri, pH, Primary, Rb, Red, Second, Secondary, SHE, sin, Snow, Tera, Third, Time, Tumor

Words: 105 · Puzzle Score: 180

Core terms: Actinide, Bidentate, Central, Chelate, Chelating, Cis, Coordination, Crystal, dBlock, Donor, Earth, fBblock, First, Fourth, Geometric, High, Hydrometallurgy, Ionization, Lanthanide, Ligand, Linkage, Low, Monodentate, Number, Optical, Pairing, Platinum, Polydentate, Second, Smelting, Spectrochemical, Sphere, Splitting, Steel, Strong, Superconductor, Third, Trans, Weak

Selected Additional Terms: AI, Allotropes, Angle, Anhydride, Anode, Atom, Avogadro, Base, Battery, Bohr, Bop, Cathode, Dune, Dynamite, Email, Enigma, Ennui, Halide, Inch, Ionic, Iris, kPa, Luna, Nanometer, Orion, Oxide, Ozone, Pluto, Saturn, SBF, Serbia, Signal, Silicate, Siri, spdf, Stoichiometry, Stoma, Torr, Toxic, Wood

Words: 114 · Puzzle Score: 178

Core terms: Addition, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Alkane, Alkene, Alkyl, Alkyne, Amide, Amine, Aromatic, Carbonyl, Carboxylic, Ester, Ether, Functional, Ketone, Organic, Saturated, Skeletal, Substituent, Substitution

Chapter vocab was a bit light, so recent previous chapters provided many of the gap-fillers. 

Selected additional terms: Aa, Actinide, AGI, Alkaline, Allotropes, Anode, Aurora, Base, Battery, BEC, Biology, Cathode, Chelate, dBlock, Donor, Dry, Ear, Earth, Electrolysis, Electron, Element, Entropy, fBlock, Fire, Fuel, Gibbs, Group, Halide, IR, Iron, Lanthanide, Li, Ligand, Metals, Nitrate, Oort, Ozone, Pairing, pOH, Polymorph, Primary, Psi, Radio, Second, Steel, STEM, Taiga, Third, Transition, Uranus, Venus

Words: 109 · Puzzle Score: 182

Core terms: Absorbed, Alpha, Antimatter, Beta, Binding, Bq, Capture, Chain, Chemistry, Control, Coolant, Critical, Curie, Daughter, Decay, Defect, Dosimeter, Emission, Equivalence, Fissile, Fission, Fuel, Fusion, Gamma, Geiger, Gray, Halflife, Internal, Ionizing, Magic, Moderator, Nonionizing, Nuclear, Nucleon, Nuclide, Parent, Particle, Positron, Radiation, Radioactive, Radioisotope, Radiometric, Reactor, Roentgen, Series, Sievert, Stability, Strong, Subcritical, Supercritical, Therapy, Tracer, Transmutation

Selected additional terms: AGI, Air, Bicep, Bionic, CCC, CGI, Cochlea, DNA, Eco, Field, Gel, GPS, He, Hiroshima, Icarus, Isomer, kPa, Lactose, Nagasaki, NSF, Opec, Oppenheimer, Pu, RAD, Radium, Ratio, Reactants, REM, Scientific, Soil, Uranus

Words: 6 x 100+ · Puzzle Score: 6 x 150+
Includes Chemistry Crossword Puzzles 16–21.

Words: 19 x 100+ · Puzzle Score: 19 x 150+
Includes 19 Chemistry Crossword Puzzles 1–21.

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