Monday, September 12, 2022

Earth Science: The Bundles

NOVA: Secrets of the Psychics · NOVA: Longitude—Lost at Sea · BBC: Water | Water World · National Geographic: Earth Under Water

National Geographic: Our Atmosphere · Modern Marvels: Predicting Weather · BBC: Wind | The Skies Above

NOVA: Megastorm Aftermath · National Geographic: Before the Flood · BBC: Human Planet | The Human Era

National Geographic: Colliding Continents · BBC: Deep Earth | Beneath the Crust · NOVA: Deadliest Volcanoes · NOVA: Deadliest Earthquakes 

NOVA: Meteor Strike · NOVA: Life Beyond Earth 1. Are We Alone? · NOVA: Life Beyond Earth 2. Moons & Beyond · NOVA: Secrets of the Sun

The Universe: Life & Death of a Star · NOVA: Invisible Universe Revealed · NOVA: Alien Planets Revealed · The Universe: Alien Galaxies

After I crafted these bundles, I added many Earth Science / Astronomy lessons. For the complete list, click the link below.

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